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Leadership is a journey often mistaken for a destination.

Our goal is to inspire and equip community members to embark on the journey of leadership development. We provide community organizing and leadership development training with the goal in mind of supporting civic engagement year-round. This is our Leader’s Journey 365 model. In addition, we engage the whole family from children to community elders through our intergenerational approach of community-building. These efforts will have a cascading effect as community members lead change not only for a particular issue or when casting a ballot but throughout their lifetime as change agents in our community.


  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Learn about candidates (local and national) and Cast your vote

  • Find an issue to work on year-round (education, criminal justice, healthcare, etc.)

  • Support ujamaa (cooperative economics) by buying from local minority-owned businesses

  • Volunteer where you see a need

  • Teach children about how to serve and lead in your community

  • Model the way as a leader and difference maker


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*Please note: The resources listed below are Minnesota specific. However, you can find additional resources about your state by visiting your local County Election Office website and Secretary of State website.

Become an Election Judge

Serve on a Board or Commission

Learn more about how you can serve in your community. There are over 200 Boards, Commissions, Work Groups, Councils, and Taskforces.

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